A Long Time Ago...

Darkside Game Studios was born from one of the United States' premier videogame art studios, Shadows in Darkness (SID). SID was started in 2002 by a core of talented artists and videogame fanatics. Their original goal was for SID to evolve into a full game development studio. In early 2008, that dream became a reality and Darkside Game Studios was formed.

However, there was a problem... a good problem. SID had grown into an art studio with a great reputation and a portfolio that contained some of the best games in the industry including: multiple Medal of Honor games, multiple Call of Duty/Modern Warfare games, Dragon Age, Borderlands... there are just too many to name here. See for more info.

The original goal was to become a game development studio, but art/design outsourcing had so many advantages. It became clear that the best choice was to create two separate companies and put those advantages to work. You might wonder what advantages this "lunatic on the grass" is talking about. Here are just a few:

  • Breaking the layoff cycle

    People get laid off all the time in the game industry. Often this is because there is downtime during or between projects, and developers don't want to pay for people to sit around. Darkside is a client of SID and is treated just like other clients. Darkside games go through the same pipeline, which is constantly flowing with great games. We don't have to worry about significant down time.

  • Learning from the best

    We get to work on lots of great games with a variety of engines. This helps us get better at what we do.

  • More eggs, more baskets

    Having both SID and Darkside gives us more opportunities and a larger client base. This makes our business model less risky and gives us lots of contacts and chances to find the coolest projects.

  • Customer Service

    Probably the most unexpected benefit of Darkside's outsourcing roots stems from our commitment to customer satisfaction. We hear from publishers that this isn't common with their other development studios. However, we've learned over the years how to make our clients happy, whether they are developers, publishers or gamers. Our clients love us, and there ain't nothing going to save you from a love that's blind.

Now Darkside Game Studios is a successful console and PC videogame developer in its own right. We're based in Sunrise, Florida, so while our name is shrouded in darkness, our creativity is solar powered! As individuals, we bring expertise in art, programming, design, and project management. The studio's core development team consists of industry veterans from such notable companies as Activision, Electronic Arts, Midway, Namco, and Shadows in Darkness. As a team, we have worked on several AAA titles for multiple console and PC-based platforms. See the Projects page for all of the details. We also have plenty of engine expertise including: Unreal, Gamebryo, Unity, proprietary engines, and even our own tech. Our continuing mission: to boldly create fun, high-quality videogames on time and on budget like no one has played before.

See the Games page to read about our latest accomplishments.

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